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[2017 Taipei International Percussion Summer Camp] - Summer 17'

Posted by Yun Ju Pan on November 18, 2017 at 10:15 PM Comments comments (0)

In the late July, again, I worked for Ju percussion Taipei International Percussion Summer Camp where I feel like home. This year, we have Mr. Frederic Macarez from France, Prof. Jose Aponte from Puerto Rico/UNT, Prof. Sergio Bellotti from Italy/Boston, and beautiful She-E Wu from TAIWAN/USA!!!

This year, I translated for this amazing drummer and educator Sergio Bellotti.  I was so nervous when I find out who my teacher is since I haven’t play drum set for almost four years. Thanks to Sergio, everything went pretty well.

I learned so much from Sergio's classes. His teaching style is very energetic and easy to understand. As always, the best part of this job is to know these amazing musicians in and after class and learn their life experiences. As I always say, teaching at TIPSC is like a dream for percussionists. 

I am such a lucky girl who get to meet these amazing students, musicians, teachers, and friends. Thanks to percussion and Music brought US together! 

FaceBook Page Yun Ju Pan – ALicE PaN quote:

2017 Taipei International Percussion Summer Camp]

So grateful to be part of TaiPei International Percussion Summer Camp again this year. As always I learned so much during the past eight days.

Thank you Mr. Ju and Larry for giving me these wonderful opportunities again and again. Gave me the opportunity to work with wonderful musicians. Thank you Sergio Bellotti for being such a wonderful teacher and great boss. You inspire not only the students but me so much. Thank you Frederic Macarez, She-E Will, and Jose Aponte for all the laughing and support ! Again, it is such a great honor to meet all of you. Thank you for 帥哥美女interpreter team, I think we definitely made a great team! ❤️ Thank all the Consolers and staff for the hard work to make this camp happen. Most important, thank you all the students for working so hard, playing so hard, and learning so hard. Keep being awesome and let's fight for our dreams together! :) Hope to see you next year!

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[Judging TPAA 2017 Taipei International Percussion Championship]- Summer 17'

Posted by Yun Ju Pan on November 18, 2017 at 9:55 PM Comments comments (0)

I had the honor to be one of the panel in the Taiwan World Percussion Chamionship this year. 

今年夏天我很榮幸的擔任TPAA2017年打擊樂錦標賽的評審。真的感謝主辦單位和我的恩師 - 陳文姬老師的抬愛。

It was fun and also extremely hard to grade so many talented young musicians. Also, I had the honor to translate for one of my favourite marimbaists that i met in the Ju Percussion Summer Camp years ago - Nanae Mimura. She had inspired me a lot when I was young, and this summer, I believe she had inspired more students! 



[Clinic and Performance in Macau] - Summer 17'

Posted by Yun Ju Pan on November 18, 2017 at 9:50 PM Comments comments (0)

The story starts three years ago at the Taipei International Percussion Championship. I competed with a girl from Macau, and after that we became good friends. This summer I was fortunate to be invited to give a clinic with a short recital for students and teachers from Stick Music in Macau.

It was so nice to meet so many new friends in one day, and of course, it was amazing to visit this beautiful place!! I love Macau!! <3 <3

FaceBook Page Yun Ju Pan – ALicE PaN quote:

「First time share music in Macao,China!」 Thank Fai Sir , Man Che and the StickMusic for having me to share music and some ideas with students in Macao this afternoon!! I had so much fun! (Also, had so much good food ;)

「成就達成:第一次把我滴音樂分享到澳門!」 今天下午在澳門的工作坊成功!謝謝輝老大、佩曼,以及所有Stick Music 的美女帥哥成員的照顧與肯定,讓我擁有這樣美好的回憶!

[4LoKo$' Percussion Quartet World Tour] Summer 17'

Posted by Yun Ju Pan on October 17, 2017 at 9:30 PM Comments comments (0)

[4LoKo$’ Percussion Quartet World Tour]

First, it started with my an Asia tour with the quartet I formed - “The 4 LoKo$’ Percussion Quartet.”

We spent more than a year to prepare a very unique program and share with audiences in Japan and Taiwan. We went to Toho Gakuen University Music department and played my transcription of Bartok’s Fifth String Quartet for my HERO Prof. Keiko Abe and her students. Then we went back to Taiwan and played two concerts in Taipei and Yunlin, and taught 60 students in Yunlin Day of Percussion.

This is a little summary of this trip from my FaceBook Page Yun Ju Pan – ALicE PaN quote:

{4LoKo$' Asia Tour SUCCESS!!} The last two members of the Four LoKo$' Percussion Quartet have arrive home safely.

『The 4LoKo$'打擊樂四重奏』為期一周的亞洲巡迴演出終於完成了!就在剛剛,最後兩位洋人團圓也順利平安歸國。


We had an amazing week touring around Asia. Played three incredible concerts in three different cities in Taiwan and Japan, reached over 300 audiences, taught around 60 students in one day, lots of laughing and lots of beautiful memory. It was defiantly an memorable week of my life.

自己要策劃完成這樣的一場巡演真的很不容易,受到好多貴人的幫助。真的要感謝我們的老師Gwen Dease教授,Jon Weber博士,密西根州立大學音樂系,密西根州立大學校友會,我們超強的經紀人Studio Legato X Legato 樂聚 Jaimie姊,密西根州立大學帥氣校友學長Wei Chen Lin,雲擊打擊樂團 Beer Wu,安倍圭子老師,桐棚音樂學院,東吳大學音樂系,東吳大學表演藝術中心,卓悅馬林巴木琴,豪聲樂器,vic firth 以及所有所有來看我們給我們鼓勵的觀眾朋友們,真的希望我們的感動你們也感受到了!

Thank our teacher Prof Gwendolyn Dease and Dr. Jon Weber, MSU Percussion Studio, Michigan State University College of Music, our show manager Studio Legato X Legato 樂聚 Jaime Lin , MSU aluminum Wei-Chen Lin, Yun Percussion, Prof. Keiko Abe, Toho Gakuen School of Music, SooZhow University, Buffalo Marimba, HauSen, Vic Firth and all the people who came to our show. Without any of you, we won't be able to make this amazing tour happen.


Last, I want to tell my awesome quartet members - Kathryn Irwin, William Gerald, Alex Smith - WE DID IT. I am so grateful to have all of you to do this cool thing with me. Thank you so much. I learned so much from each of you!! AND I'M SO PROUD OF OURSELVES!! :D

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(4LoKo$' with students at Toho Gakuen University.)

Downriver Day of Percussion 2017

Posted by Yun Ju Pan on May 19, 2017 at 1:00 AM Comments comments (0)

I was invited to play in the opening ceremony and to teach four mallets technique classes at Downriver Day of Percussion 2017.

Congratulation to Downriver Day of Percussion (DDoP) for a successful percussion education event!!! Huge thank you to Mark Hejka and Mark D'Angelo for having me there! It is such an honor to work with so many amazing musicians and students!!

Thank you Vic Firth for all the support !!


昨天超榮幸被邀請到Downriver Day of Percussion (簡言之就是地區性的打擊樂年會)擔任開場演出嘉賓,以及鍵盤樂器課程的講師。一看到海報發現都是一寫了不起的人物,默默覺得緊張,還好大(ㄉㄚˋ)師(ㄕㄨ)們人都很好,學生也超捧場!感謝主辦單位的厚愛給我這名不經傳的小人物一個機會,謝謝贊助商的小禮物與一直以來的支持,也恭喜所有的教授講師、演出人員成就了一場美好的音樂饗宴!


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Passed my Defense!! Ready to be a Doctor!

Posted by Yun Ju Pan on May 19, 2017 at 12:50 AM Comments comments (0)

I passed my defense in the morning on May 3rd, 2017, which means I'm official a Doctor now!!!!! ��������

I really want to take time thank to my dear professor Gwendolyn Dease for all the help and courage you gave me. Thanks to my committees Dr. Weber, Dr. Marcie Ray, and Dr. Callahan for all the great advise. Also, huge thanks to my team Alex Smith, Kathryn Irwin, and William Gerald. In addition, thanks to Daniel for rehearsing my presentation with me so many time before defense. Most important, thanks to my family for all the love and support!!!



一個歷時三年多的創作與研究,今天通過了感覺特別有意義。要感謝的人好多好多,謝謝我美麗的老師一直都給我最忠肯的建議。謝謝我的四重奏夥伴忍受我的任性,盡其所能的練了很多難得要死的曲子。謝謝口試老師們的肯定與建議,覺得短短一個早上獲益良多!謝謝Daniel Silvernail一直以來幫我潤稿,又陪我練報告,忍受我一直舌頭打結(阿有些字就是練不出來啊),還有謝謝我親愛的家人無條件的愛與支持~

Recital at Bowling Green State University

Posted by Yun Ju Pan on May 9, 2017 at 11:55 PM Comments comments (0)

I played a FUN recital at Bowling Green State University this Wednesday!!

Beautiful campus, beautiful people!! I hope I did not talk too much ;P Thank you Dr. Daniel Dan Piccolo for giving me this great opportunity! :D

這禮拜三到Bowling Green State大學演出獨奏會,不知道哪裡不對勁一邊演音樂會,一邊跟台下聊成一片。超好玩!!

Receiving 2017 MSU COGS Leadership Award

Posted by Yun Ju Pan on February 20, 2017 at 6:05 PM Comments comments (1)

I am pleased and proud to announce that I'm rewarded the MSU 2017 Council of Graduate Students Disciplinary Leadership Award !!! 

Here is a little report that COGS released about my project for applying this leadership award. ENJOY!" target="_blank">COGS Disciplinary Leadership Award winner - Yun Ju Pan

開心跟大家分享,我獲得學校頒發的COGS 2017 Disciplinary Leadership Award(是一個學術上的領導的之類的獎,哈哈哈,完全不會翻!)總之是一項殊榮,謝謝學校看得起我,也謝謝我親愛的主修教授推薦我。更謝謝每個愛我的人~這份獎金我會花在一個能讓我夢想成真,更進一步的project上,請大家拭目以待!

2017 Florida Tour

Posted by Yun Ju Pan on February 20, 2017 at 5:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Finally got sometime to sort pictures from the Florida tour from last month. Yes, I was in Florida for a week to perform and give clinics and master classes

Thank to Stetson University, University of South Florida, and University of Central Florida for having me and giving me a GREAT TIME enjoy the sunny weather in January! The most importantly, I finally get to go to Disney World!!!!!!


#vicfirth #theperfectpair #buffalomarimba #disneyworld #dreamcometrue

(Picture with Dr. Kerney and Steteson University Percussion Studio)

(Picture with Dr. Anderson and Percussion Studio of University of Central Florida)

MSU 2016 Holiday Greeting

Posted by Yun Ju Pan on February 20, 2017 at 5:35 PM Comments comments (0)

I had the great honor to participate in MSU's 2016 Christmas Greeting video as their feature artist of the year. What a fun project !! :D

Thanks to Prof. Gwen Dease, Jen, Steve Boughton, Mr. Sundermann, MSU Percussion Studio, and the MSU College of Music for giving me this amazing opportunity and experience.

Marry Christmas!!!! �� �� hope you enjoy the music ~


希望大家會喜歡~ 也謝謝我的老師、音樂系師長及主任、當時的錄影錄音工程師、剪接師、還有企劃製作給我這個莫大榮幸!


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