Yun Ju Pan Percussionist

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{Four Muses from LoKo} Percussion Recital

  • Yun Ju Pan and the 4LoKo$' Percussion Quartet Recital
April 22nd, 2017

   o  The Other Side (of Silence)* - Gordon Stout

   o   Round for Three Muses* - Andrea Clearfield

   o   Bartok's Fifth String Quartet for Marimba Quartet - Bela Bartok, arr. Yun Ju Pan


*World Premier

Yun Ju Pan 2016 Percussion Recital

  • Yun-Ju Pan Percussion Recital - 2016 Tour Stop 1
October 4th, 2016

{Wish Me Luck} Marimba Recital

  • Yun-Ju Pan Marimba Recital
September 11th, 2015

   o  Variation on Downland's Lachrimae Pavana - Keiko Abe

   o   Voice of Matsuri Drums - Keiko Abe

   o   Cello Suite No. 5 Prelute - J.S. Bach

   o   Velocities -  Joseph Schwantner

   o   A Little Prayer - Evelyn Glennie

   o   The Source - Toshi Ichiyanagi

   o   Everybody Talk About Freedom -  Julie Spencer

{Our Romance} Chamber Recital

  • Yun-Ju Pan Percussion Chamber Recital
April 11th, 2015

   o   Two Mexican Dances - Gordon Stout

   o   Sonata for Two Pianists and Percussion - Bela Bartok

   o   Love Songs - John Thrower

   o   O Mio Babbino Caro -  Giacomo Puccini

MSU Symphony Orchestra Honors Concert

  • Yun-Ju Pan Plays Percussion Concerto with MSU Symphony Orchestra
March 20th, 2015
  • Conduct by Matt Forte

   o   Percussion Concerto - Joseph Schwantner

{And...That Perfect Girl is Gone} Percussion Recital

  • Yun-Ju Pan Percussion Recital
March 3rd, 2014

   o   Prelude, Cello Suit no.5 - J.S. Bach

   o   The Source - Toshi Ichiyanagi

   o   Corporel? - Vinko Globokar

   o   Into The Air - Iven Trivino

   o   Caxixiando - Richardo A. Souza

   o   Re-Construct - Yun Ju Pan

   o   Arabesco Infinito - Alejandro Vinao

Marimba and Vibraphone Recital

  • Yun-Ju Pan Percussion Recital
December 6th. 2013

Alice Pan Percussion Recital

  • Yun-Ju Pan Percussion Recital
April 27th, 2013
  • 3 Spirals - Eric Sammut
  • Blues for Gilbert - Mark Gletworth
  • Shadow Chasers - Michael Burritt
  • Mourning Dove Sonnet -  Christopher Dean
  • Afterwards... - Josh Oxford

{Formosa} Asian Percussion Composition Recital

  • Yun-Ju Pan Percussion Recital
December 7th. 2012

o   Chain

o   Willows and Palary,Breeze Winds, Warning Moon –Yao GuangZhong

o   Top of the World, for Drum Set and Piano – Jimmy Lin and Yun Ju Pan

o   Farewell, My Dearest. -  Yun Ju Pan

Just One World

  • Joint Recital with Andrew Sickmeier, Meng Chung Yang
November 12. 2012

o   Just One World – John Thrower

o   Love Songs – John Thrower

Aurora BoreAlice

  • Yun-Ju Pan Graduate Marimba Recital
April 29th. 2012

o   Wood That Sings – Gordon Stout

o   Chain - Kazunori Miyake

o   Impromptu – Rich O’meara

o   Aurora Borealis – John Thrower

Alice’s Wonderland

  • Yun-Ju Pan Senior Percussion Recital,
July 7th, 2010

o   The Source - ToshiIchiyanagi

o   Mirror Image - Chris Hanning

o   Psappha - IannisXenakis

Yun-Ju Pan Marimba Recital

May 9th. 2009

o   Great Wall – Leigh Howard Stevens

o   Concerto for Marimba and Strings Orchestra – Emmanuel Sejourne

o   Cristal Butterfly - Ben Wahlund


Alice Pan and Vivian Shih Joint Recital

  • Yun-Ju Pan and Vivian Shih Joint Recital
August 14th, 2008


Overture 20

  • Yun-Ju Pan Percussion Recital
July 7th, 2008